September 7, 2016

Tube winching system for chain feeders provides exceptional reliability

Posted in: Product news

B & M Slots has recently completed another broiler breeder project in New South Wales.

The project comprises 4 houses, each of 140m x 14m long. B & M Slots provided a turn-key solution including design, buildings, equipment, fit-out, plumbing and electrical.

The project is the first breeder farm in Australia to utilize the VDL tube winching suspension system.

Tube winching provides improved reliability and safety when compared to conventional wire rope based lifting systems.

This is especially important in modern breeder facilities, where the chain feeders are winched down every day at feeding time and back up again afterwards for filling.

Other equipment used includes Jansen nesting, Hotraco ventilation and controls and Lubing drinkers.

A Lubing egg conveyor carries the fertile eggs to through a Jansen grader to a hatching egg packer.


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