Lubing Steelmaster

February 15, 2018

Lubing CombiMaster and SteelMaster nipples

Posted in: Product news

For decades the Lubing #4024 and #4022 drinker nipples have been the backbone of the broiler industry.

Recently Lubing has introduced the Combimaster and Steelmaster, based on an updated design and stronger materials.


The Steelmaster (all stainless steel) and Combimaster (plastic body with stainless steel housing) provide the following advantages over the traditional range of nipple drinkers:

  • Increased hygiene, as the nipple protrudes only 4mm into the nipple pipe. This also increases flow rates through the pipes as the effective¬†cross section of the pipe is increased.


  • Extremely smooth inner surface reduces instances of deposits forming on the nipple pin and body.


  • Higher quality stainless steel ensures even longer life expectancy.


  • The increased diameter of the lower pin gives a larger droplet size, making it more attractive for day old birds.


  • Available in high flow, medium flow and low flow.

Lubing Combimaster drinker systems are available ex stock from our warehouse in Melbourne.