Jansen Poultry Equipment is the world-wide leader in cage free poultry systems for commercial egg production and breeders.

Jansen equipment is known the world over for a high reliability, excellent egg quality and a low percentage of floor eggs.

The center belt Premium+ nest is manufactured from first class Betonplex with plastic side walls. The nest floor consists of a wire floor covered with a perforated mat which allows any dirt to fall through the nest floor and ensures clean eggs.

The wire expel gate which is situated on an angle from the nest back wall creates a space between the back wall and the wire expel gate. This space ensures that hens will not suffer from oxygen shortage which is especially important during hot weather and in case hens pile up in a nest.

A row of adjoining nests do not have a dead space as the side wall is shared with the next nest which makes it unfriendly for lice and mites.

Easy installation of the nests because of the patented Click® system, which requires virtually no nuts and bolts. Quick installation, extension and cleaning is no problem thanks to the Click® system. Installation time is reduced up to 60% compared with other systems.


Click here for a video on the Jansen Premium+ nest