Introducing the Valenta feed pan from VDL!

Valenta Pan

  • Versatile broiler feed pan designed for both restricted and unrestricted feeding.
  • Low ridge for easy access to feed from day one.
  • Open design prevents chicks from getting caught inside the feed pan.
  • Pan design minimizes feed spillage.
  • Simple 6 position feed level adjustment.
  • User friendly, automatic flooring mechanism.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Hinged bottom for efficient cleaning

Unrestricted access

The only 58 mm high ridge of the feedpan allows easy access for all day old chicks to the feed. A perfect start is herewith guaranteed.

Absence of grill

  • Absence of the grill prevents birds from getting caught inside the feedpan.
  • Feedspace design ideal also for heavier birds.
  • Smooth surface facilitates cleaning and disinfection.

Simple control of feed distribution

  • Flooding by lowering the pan onto the floor
  • 6-position feed level ring for accurate and easy feed level adjustment.
  • Design of the pan ridge, inclining pan bottom and 6 wing feed divider prevent feed spillage.

Valenta Pan

Click here to see a video of the VDL Valenta feed pan