Perch Winch

December 5, 2014

B & M Equipment winch – Now available in XXL !

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The popular B & M Equipment winch is now available in a larger size – especially for perching systems.

Since the introduction of the B & M winch in 2013, over 1000 units have been installed across Australia and New Zealand.

The new winch features the same basic design as the 2 existing models including;

– Hot dip galvanized frame with electro-plated grooved drum.

– Manufactured and assembled in Melbourne, with an Italian gearbox and limit switch.

– CMG Motor with standard B5 flange mount

– Direct drive without any chains for years of maintenance free operation.

– Built in up/down limit switch

Feeder Winch

Available in 3 models:

Drinker model with 0.55kW motor

Feeder model with 0.75kW motor

Perch model with 1.1kW motor